Tik Tok POVs

wait for the end, trust me lol.
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  • Drake Campana?

    Lauren Marie AndersonLauren Marie AndersonDag siden
  • The POV of you are pregnant is so damn cringe I wouldn’t be saying it’s ok I’ll be pissed.

    Aaron MessnerAaron MessnerDag siden
  • #acting? You mean, he's not actually killing someone? Oh no....

    Poorti SrivastavaPoorti SrivastavaDag siden
  • This POVs gave me PTSD

    Shivangi SinghShivangi Singh2 dager siden
  • Man that last tiktok from the dude himself was actually funny as fuck 😂

    MeriMeri2 dager siden
  • I wish my dad had reacted like that when I got pregnant at 19. Instead I got removed from the family will and told how much of an embarrassment I was to the family. 😑

    MercerooMerceroo2 dager siden
  • American youth hobbies: > Pretend you're shooting up people at a party > Actually be shooting up people in your school or in the streets Pick one.

    Sam B.Sam B.2 dager siden
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    Phillip PricePhillip Price2 dager siden
  • he can't even act it out with out laughing. kills me

    Savannah LomenSavannah Lomen2 dager siden
  • i started tearing up when i was a bird you really just spoke to my heart

    ADN_RNGADN_RNG3 dager siden
  • these are kids who have to go to school after uploading this cringy shit how embarrassing

    Vixzz ØVixzz Ø3 dager siden
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    이예림이예림3 dager siden
  • the only good povs are ones where cool parents correctly gender u and tell u they accept u for lgbt kids who don't have accepting parents

    shytoadshytoad4 dager siden
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    Laila EileenLaila Eileen4 dager siden
  • 2:53 POV: you just wiped out tomato town

    Gethin RobertsGethin Roberts4 dager siden
  • My highlight is how often these tiktokers touch their faces and hair during their acts. Jealous ex? Stroke the forehead. Killed your gf? Touch your forehead.

    Ph MPh M4 dager siden
  • This "acting" on tiktok is just awful. Why do people do that? And watch that either?

    Ph MPh M4 dager siden
  • 4:41 "I'm SuPpOsEd To G0 tO bErKLEy!!!"

    heaven reddheaven redd4 dager siden
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    sour chucksour chuck5 dager siden
  • Ah man i cant believe this legend of a vid is one year old already

    Ginger The cute DogGinger The cute Dog5 dager siden
  • As a Brit ur British impression was so good that was actually impressive af sounded like a Redditch accent

    Charli ytCharli yt6 dager siden
  • I was there

    NukeeeNukeee6 dager siden
  • Did that kid really make that for your video lmao

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald6 dager siden
  • That's not thrash metal

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald6 dager siden
  • walking phoenix

    Jude NolanJude Nolan6 dager siden
  • 4:20

    HareshHaresh6 dager siden
  • I hate that they never use POV right, like for the first one for example they say we would be his girlfriend that he killed but then the camera angle should be pointed at him face on directly. The actual POV in the video is a random 3rd person watching the murder happen. Edit: never mind Cody mentions exactly this lmao

    Ollie NoOllie No6 dager siden
  • Okay but when he said “now I’ll never get into college. I’m an accessory to murder” did he not sound like Schmidt?

    Kaive YKaive Y7 dager siden
  • i love the movie trailer music lmao

    SparkSpark7 dager siden
  • POV: you see a guy on your yt recommended that looks like Matpat with a beard

    AlexLikesBananasAlexLikesBananas7 dager siden
  • when u realize this vid was mad today 1 year ago

    pancakpancak7 dager siden
  • The bird one got to me. I was totally there man.

    RaduRadu7 dager siden
  • pov: you're reading this

    PLASTIC SURGERY LOVERS Ugly plasticsPLASTIC SURGERY LOVERS Ugly plastics8 dager siden
  • pov: you’re watching this 11 months after it came out.

    trolltroll9 dager siden
    • 😗✋🏽yepp

      Ava AAva A7 dager siden
  • Cody feeling uncomfortable by these tik toks is literally how all females feel whenever we go out

    Katie GeorgeKatie George9 dager siden
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    Iris SeifertIris Seifert9 dager siden
  • Walking Phoenix 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Unathi TshabalalaUnathi Tshabalala10 dager siden
  • For some reason, at 7:32, that just reminded me of the time my teacher came up to me, in the middle of an exam--to ask me how to edit an Instagram comment

    GoldenRoseGoldenRose10 dager siden
  • "pretend you're a bird. no not a British bird, not a bïrd. a real bird." breaking news: a local short male NOcdsr says birds in Britain are not real birds. ( not clickbait )

    melody gracemelody grace10 dager siden
  • POV: the dad who was fine with you being pregnant hate crimes you when you tell him you like girls He scares me

    SaraSara11 dager siden
  • bro we were different birds....

    VimVim11 dager siden
  • 11:45 um. nesss barrett boy version?💀💀💀

    natalie resheidatnatalie resheidat11 dager siden
  • sweeeet carolineeee pa pa pa

    natalie resheidatnatalie resheidat11 dager siden

    samashaktisamashakti11 dager siden
  • The dad looks like hes asking for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% equity share in his company

    Nora BeckNora Beck12 dager siden
  • dandruff

    Derp KillerDerp Killer12 dager siden
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    Alexis St. JohnAlexis St. John12 dager siden
  • paoloo 👁💧👄💧👁

    Sophia YuSophia Yu12 dager siden
  • The panicky correspondent holly damage because bucket startlingly bump by a roasted dollar. chemical, clear thought

    sour chucksour chuck12 dager siden
  • pov tiktok f boi povs provide you with your 13th reason

    Sarah KrickSarah Krick12 dager siden
  • Lmaooo I did not expect to see nick davis in this lol

    Sarah KrickSarah Krick12 dager siden
  • All these kids look like they watch too much stranger things

    Mike NMike N13 dager siden
  • dad dude reminds me when Michael from the office started making videos for his future son with dwight

    Justin WongJustin Wong13 dager siden
  • why did the dad never mention abortion doe

    Julian SchlangerJulian Schlanger13 dager siden
  • POV must mean point of voyeur in TIk Tok land 😂

    Aaron RossmanAaron Rossman13 dager siden
  • Kody “Hey dad I got addicted to paint thinner” That one dad “boy!”

    Tamra ShurginTamra Shurgin14 dager siden
  • Jealous boyfriend shows up at a party an murders everyone: D I V O R C E

    It’s Meme timeIt’s Meme time14 dager siden
  • Pov: you're emptying the washing machine and you get stuck. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    AshkanAshkan14 dager siden
  • omg "walking pheonix" had me dying

    Bhuvan ShakthiBhuvan Shakthi15 dager siden
  • This is a great video to eat rigatoni pasta to

    AnnaAnna15 dager siden
  • POV: You see the school's bad boy with those earrings wanna fight you and you die of laughter

    Hofbauer GergelyHofbauer Gergely16 dager siden
  • Now i know...

    Tommy TheGreekTommy TheGreek16 dager siden
  • POV: you asked the women at the McDonald’s window why their icecream machine is always broken, then you woke up in Ronald McDonald’s basement

    The SpiritThe Spirit16 dager siden
  • 5:14-5:28 walk up to then grab them by thier hair and knock thier heads together! Not that hard!

    Libra & TabeeLibra & Tabee16 dager siden
  • Burd

    ToddReyToddRey16 dager siden
  • The ending of that last POV is going to haunt me.until Im in the ground.

    Ahegao Machine 666Ahegao Machine 66616 dager siden
  • What kind of videos is Cody gonna make once he’s 40 lol

    Charlie GrinerCharlie Griner17 dager siden
  • That's not thrash metal...

    Hunter SamfHunter Samf17 dager siden
  • please do more thats cringe with noel

    Megan WoolleyMegan Woolley17 dager siden
  • cody you literally make my day

    Megan WoolleyMegan Woolley17 dager siden
  • Props to that guy for being a little self aware and kinda being funny for the end bit

    Van HofeldtVan Hofeldt17 dager siden
  • POV: 🥰 domestic violence 🥰

    youaremymuseyouaremymuse18 dager siden
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    alamin89ariful mejanalamin89ariful mejan18 dager siden
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    alamin89ariful mejanalamin89ariful mejan18 dager siden
  • 5:28-5:33 why was that so funny 😂 the whole 'that was very strange, no thank you. absolutely not'

    panicing!_sociallypanicing!_socially18 dager siden
  • The Joker dude was lowkey creepy. I was watching this alone and watching his facial expressions sent shivers down my spine.

    Draw AnythingDraw Anything18 dager siden
  • POV: You are awake at 1 in the morning binging Cody Ko videos

    Draw AnythingDraw Anything18 dager siden
  • POV: you dont "see"

    Cue_octopus_armsCue_octopus_arms19 dager siden
  • 5:14 He tried to do a JD fight for me type thing but failed miserably. Hey, mr no name kid, get tf away from me

    Fabulous RoyFabulous Roy19 dager siden
  • Not me audibly screaming in cringe at every video 😂

    Vincent PrinceVincent Prince19 dager siden
  • Posers. TikTok is full of these. It's so cringy.

    MarcMarc19 dager siden
  • 5:16 he proceeds to die of whiplash

    meme19 dager siden
  • 7:48 I literally choked on my chips

    soyxticsoyxtic20 dager siden
  • ok these are to cringe i cant watch the whole thing im going to leave a like then dip out

    MysticNateOG 117MysticNateOG 11720 dager siden
  • Please do an update video on the dad video with the teenage pregnancy he still does acting videos BUT MAKES HIS DAUGHTER TAKE PLACE. It’s super cringe

    JuliogwyMJuliogwyM21 dag siden
  • That Emily sounded weird af.

    Radhika PundirRadhika Pundir21 dag siden
  • POV: you meet the devil-thug

    AnonymousAnonymous21 dag siden
  • fun fact even tho the video was a bit off in its delivery the guy in the blue shirt actually offers a ton of helpful parenting advice and what not on tik tok hes a pretty good guy tbh

    KT1!KT1!21 dag siden
  • the bad boy one makes me wanna fcking die

    tumblweedtumblweed21 dag siden
  • pizza hut and poppa johns taste absolutely nothing alike

    Sir Bekson IVSir Bekson IV21 dag siden
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    madison terrymadison terry22 dager siden
  • 0:22 I did the rp tho.....

    Give BobuxGive Bobux22 dager siden
  • 9:54 the guy isn’t a dad he the god damn soccer coach for every grade 9 soccer team

    Broken contaimentBroken contaiment22 dager siden
  • Pov: you meet your soulmate while getting celery at whole foods.

    I can't find my glassesI can't find my glasses23 dager siden
  • POV: You are wearing trash from a trash can while people give you dirty stairs at the bread isle.

    Ellie BearEllie Bear23 dager siden
  • yo wanna say the n word as a white dude just say it, .. not in front of a black dude tho

    afizzleafizzle23 dager siden
  • pov: your putting your boyfriend in a headlock while making smoothie bowls

    ᄋᄉᄋsushi_boiᄋᄉᄋsushi_boi23 dager siden
  • 11:42 this dude lowkey looks like Nessa Barrett

    Emma MCKENZIEEmma MCKENZIE24 dager siden
  • The teacher hitting on you dude kinda nailed that pov tho u cant lie

    JackenapeJackenape24 dager siden
  • I love ya and hope you all have a great day my chodesters

    JackenapeJackenape24 dager siden