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  • Yall i hate teenagers... nooo

    Barbora HolubcováBarbora Holubcová41 minutt siden
  • i like the brain dead t cody

    Elizabeth GanonElizabeth Ganon42 minutter siden
  • Who’s Alex warren lol

    Stephana. n. StuffStephana. n. Stuff52 minutter siden
  • Those are tan white kids

    Anon YmousAnon Ymous2 timer siden
  • Wtf is Latin today are beyond stupid the way they come up with words. I would never want to grow up in the toxicity people like this have created

    Anon YmousAnon Ymous2 timer siden
  • "Teens like to sleep in" me who wakes up at 5:45 am every morning sleep deprived just because I want to: ::::]

    I am LI am L7 timer siden
  • The hide and go veto is from big brother lol

    Kayley DavidsonKayley Davidson16 timer siden
  • 9:43 very much Dre Drexler vibes

    Delaney McHaleDelaney McHale16 timer siden
  • You can really hear the Canadian recently

    Grace LostyGrace LostyDag siden
  • I feel sorry for this generation were all fucked if these tik tokers are the future and im a 20 year old fuckin hell this is weird

    Barry JerryBarry JerryDag siden
  • why did i read this as america's next top influenza

    Joel NgJoel NgDag siden
  • Where’s Scooooob??

    Levi WebbLevi WebbDag siden
  • Did anyone notice the girl thay leaves as soon as the kid reads the text all she heard was go to and she booked it lol

    Gaylan MolinaGaylan MolinaDag siden
  • i’m 18 and i feel soooooo old watching this 😭😭😭😭

    Judy M.Judy M.Dag siden
  • Hide and go veto is literally just stolen from Big Brother. They didn’t even try and take veto out of the name, there’s not even a veto in this 😂

    Sweet NastySweet Nasty2 dager siden
  • Not them literally using a big brother competition lmaoo

    Amber__Amber__2 dager siden

    It's XzdusIt's Xzdus2 dager siden
  • “Latinx” apparently means only white people who are 10% Latino 🤩

    Jay D.Jay D.2 dager siden
  • Bro Raul is an absolute pu$$y slayer

    Guugle_EarfGuugle_Earf2 dager siden
  • okay I was born in 2001 and let me just say to everyone saying gen z is cringe. the only people that find this kind of shit entertaining are people who are like 12 years old and younger.. I’ve never met a high schooler or college student who has said they want to become an influencer or keep up with them unironically

    나2 dager siden
    • "I'm a little lost, but fair enough"

      CassieCassie2 dager siden
  • The second hand embarrassment from watching this

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith2 dager siden
    • “Maybe it’s brunch, I don’t know, teens like to sleep in” Cody you’re doing this to yourself now

      CassieCassie2 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂

    JOJO daGoonJOJO daGoon3 dager siden
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    haydar yilmazhaydar yilmaz3 dager siden
  • You know.......watching this makes me think being called a boomer isn’t such a bad thing

    Paul MoorePaul Moore3 dager siden
  • this is the best abstinence video ever. I cant stands anyone under 20. Its the "please give me the attention out parent's didnt" generation. Social media is the new mental health clinic

    ShannonShannon3 dager siden
  • I think they should facetime Cody for advice next.

    Mike CorrMike Corr3 dager siden
  • all of them pronouncing raul as rail.....

    Emma BlightEmma Blight4 dager siden
  • *frictionless hair cody*

    jase n jo jase n jojase n jo jase n jo4 dager siden
  • 9:29 u fkd ur edit

    jase n jo jase n jojase n jo jase n jo4 dager siden
  • What did they mean no cap?? No head cap??

    jase n jo jase n jojase n jo jase n jo4 dager siden
  • *Keanu style locks 99% LOADED*

    jase n jo jase n jojase n jo jase n jo4 dager siden
  • Is it me or kids all have the same haircut nowadays.

    Damn SonDamn Son4 dager siden
  • I love Cody’s hair

    piperpiper4 dager siden

    catiemitzellcatiemitzell4 dager siden
  • “Maybe it’s brunch, I don’t know, teens like to sleep in” Cody you’re doing this to yourself now

    Yul ZYul Z4 dager siden
  • "I'm a little lost, but fair enough"

    Jessie MonacoJessie Monaco4 dager siden
  • “I’m the only blonde one” wow finally some tik tok diversity😍😍

    niduoe streniduoe stre4 dager siden
  • uh oh........ c dawg, the pattern on that shirt youre wearing looks a lot like a symbol used by nazis/neo nazis called the black sun. jsyk 😬

    M PaulM Paul4 dager siden
  • This show should be called “good enough print it”

    Isaiah TorresIsaiah Torres4 dager siden
  • im sorry alex reminds me of shane dawson but his older brother idk.

    jade nicolejade nicole4 dager siden
    • commenting... That's absolutely WILD isn't it?

      niduoe streniduoe stre4 dager siden
  • this is a real show..? what.

    Shelby PasciulloShelby Pasciullo4 dager siden
  • Why do so many of these young guys who do tiktok look super gay?

    Farsha 17Farsha 174 dager siden
  • Cody the equivalent of South Park if it was a NOcdsr

    Psychedelic JimrodPsychedelic Jimrod5 dager siden
  • hide and go veto is literally a name straigh out of big brother

    LuCaS_mUc4sLuCaS_mUc4s5 dager siden
  • Who else is annoyed every time he says "Hide and go seek" instead of just saying "Hide and seek" like a normal person?

    k01dsvk01dsv5 dager siden
  • This might just be me getting "old", but this generation...bothers me. Social media culture is so engrained in them. I guess it's more like I feel bad for them. I can't imagine growing up as a child with social media stuffed down your throat. I've never felt so disconnected from an age group like I have just now. This dependence on social media and this social media culture in general is a cancer. I'm actually serious lol.

    kendikendi5 dager siden
  • the #ATV what 2 seconds later edit the #ATV what r u doing hype hose lmao tis is so scripted lmao and lip syncrly man and dharr mann collab is shit luv the roasting dharr mann roasts. why r they fighting they should leave tik tok they r cringe

    The Person Who CarriesThe Person Who Carries5 dager siden
  • there arguments are cringe asf lmao

    Phart CupPhart Cup5 dager siden
    • the hide and go veto is literally stolen directly from big brother

      JoannaJoanna5 dager siden
  • So quirky that none of them are wearing masks

    EvaJaneEvaJane5 dager siden
    • these are the type of kids who would call me a social reject then post that we need to love everyone on their stories.

      JoannaJoanna5 dager siden
  • Cody looks like Lord Farquhad

    Samuel LakinSamuel Lakin5 dager siden
  • Bro one of those girls went to my high school

    Dani OrtegaDani Ortega5 dager siden
  • "Teens like to sleep in"

    Alex PawlikowskiAlex Pawlikowski6 dager siden
  • i know this isn't exactly the biggest issue here but why is a white kid deciding the "next latinx influencer"?

    LSLS6 dager siden
    • Because he was hired to, he doesn’t need to be Hispanic

      Apple FarmApple Farm5 dager siden
  • I miss the days when " Going Viral " was an organic thing that nobody set out to do but just created dope ass content that eventually went viral because it was *DOPE AF* 🙄😏😔.... We're starting to live in a society and das kinda crazy tbh 🤦‍♂️....

    RIVERSIDE Productions RSPRIVERSIDE Productions RSP6 dager siden
  • commenting... That's absolutely WILD isn't it?

    CassieCassie6 dager siden
  • This is an amazing idea

    OpochtliOpochtli6 dager siden
  • Can you please do a video just on Raul from this show. His tik toks are perfect for that’s so cringe.

    ThatGirlLizbath ManningThatGirlLizbath Manning6 dager siden
    • The expresso thing that the girl said pissed me off

      CassieCassie6 dager siden
  • They just completely stole “Hide and Go Veto” from Big Brother 🤭

    Hailey RobinsonHailey Robinson6 dager siden
  • throwing a lizard at some one doesn't sit right, like that poor lizard was probably terrified :(

    Olivia BillOlivia Bill6 dager siden
  • You look so musty and old now what happened

    Bethany PenderBethany Pender6 dager siden
  • Wtf is an "expresso"?

    ButtercupdittoButtercupditto7 dager siden
  • Your tattoos are so rich in color. Im allergic to mine so the color lifts and I haves had to get them redone a few times. I'm jealous

    ButtercupdittoButtercupditto7 dager siden
  • this seems like if you grabbed rich kids from 2016 and put the in 2021 in a show

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami7 dager siden
  • I havent heard of them either only tiktok kids know about this show

    Irene mikamiIrene mikami7 dager siden
  • these are the type of kids who would call me a social reject then post that we need to love everyone on their stories.

    grace koernergrace koerner7 dager siden
  • the hide and go veto is literally stolen directly from big brother

    Nathan CarrollNathan Carroll7 dager siden
  • Those born into Gen z after 1999 are just horribly cringe

    Simp DetectorSimp Detector7 dager siden
  • Watch when they get old they will have nothing because their looks are gone.

    xShii_00xShii_007 dager siden
  • I don't get why these teens have American Citizenship and other good people do not.

    Pavel Davila GarfiasPavel Davila Garfias7 dager siden
    • They make a lot less contributions with theirs, while a lot of other good people rot to death in thirt-world nations!

      Pavel Davila GarfiasPavel Davila Garfias4 dager siden
    • Probably because they were born here?

      Madeliene HartmanMadeliene Hartman4 dager siden
  • Every second, one of my brain cells just stop breathing.

    Just ZachJust Zach7 dager siden
  • they had to add latinx lol

    LaurielTeaLaurielTea7 dager siden
  • America's

    UltrauousUltrauous7 dager siden
  • The expresso thing that the girl said pissed me off

    Tristan BhartiTristan Bharti7 dager siden
  • Sick flow baud

    Vin LeBVin LeB7 dager siden
  • wtf is veto

    MasterTuttooMasterTuttoo7 dager siden
  • Born and raised in Miami here - the kid reading the scripted shit is LITERALLY how kids I grew up with sound at that age. He may have sincerely said all that off the dome.

    Grace DeehlGrace Deehl7 dager siden
  • Cody is so fucking funny

    DogDog7 dager siden

    noelle nnnoelle nn7 dager siden
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    Bm NBm N7 dager siden
  • as a person we don’t claim them 😁✨💕❤️🥰😍

    Lorelei RLorelei R7 dager siden
  • God damn they are so behind on education I’m in 7th grade and I’m smarter then them.

    Kaitlyn plays RobloxKaitlyn plays Roblox7 dager siden
  • Cody, its time for the man bun

    ThisIsACrappyUsernameThisIsACrappyUsername8 dager siden
  • The blonde girl is white and you can’t tell me otherwise

    Buttstank McGooButtstank McGoo8 dager siden
  • commenting... That's absolutely WILD isn't it?

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss8 dager siden
  • They got that “veto” challenge from big brother 😅

    Alicia NiemannAlicia Niemann8 dager siden
  • The show should cancel lol

    The Cheeba LoungeThe Cheeba Lounge8 dager siden
  • I dunno who Alex Corner is but what the shit man... This is beyond ruination for humanity

    Bruno BartolićBruno Bartolić8 dager siden
  • Tat looks dope

    Blake StephensonBlake Stephenson8 dager siden
    • I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the video

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss8 dager siden
  • I thought she she said what’s a vtol

    Hugh BoyleHugh Boyle8 dager siden
  • Haha what the fuck, I did t even know this was an actual thing😂 where do I find this tik tok shit to binge on?!

    Lance KotterLance Kotter8 dager siden
  • They stole the game from big brother and didn’t even bother to change the name lol

    Karissa ConlonKarissa Conlon8 dager siden
  • has Cody never seen big brother

    COCOCOCO8 dager siden
  • Influencers are the worst kind of ppl.

    Explainthebrain DrainExplainthebrain Drain8 dager siden
  • I went to high school with Gaby. She was a senior when I was a freshman, and everyone thought she was the biggest bitch of all time. :)

    Mia FalconeMia Falcone8 dager siden
  • 7:13 whats cody's beef with go pros

    Charles BookCharles Book8 dager siden
  • Who the fuck is Alex warren?

    Juan Flores TVJuan Flores TV8 dager siden
  • came here from ludwig stay away from geowizard

    sunny synthsunny synth8 dager siden
  • Ruh Roh Raggy

    Jade FJade F8 dager siden
  • They really stole a bunch from Netflix’s “The Circle”

    Hunter HawkinsHunter Hawkins8 dager siden
  • I’m 4 minutes in and I’m ready to end it “what does veto mean? Is that, like, an expresso?”

    lauren perkinslauren perkins8 dager siden